Offshore Logistics: Vessels & Foundations, 17th -18th June 2020

Mark Wray

Buildings & Infrastructure
Innovate UK - Knowledge Transfer Network

A highly experienced and professional consultant, project and programme manager with a passion for sustainable living and mainstreaming innovation. A Chartered Civil Engineer by training and early career but expanded in to most aspects of delivery of the built environment and wider cross cutting industries. He has an extensive network and enjoys a wide range of activities and group membership to benefit from the wealth of innovation and forward thinking available.

In his later career, he has focused on innovation, integration of energy systems, energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, digital design & engineering, circular economy and enhanced build processes.

His earlier career focused on infrastructure design & delivery, procurement, contract management, carbon management and sustainable design.

Mark is a broad generalist with a strong vision for the future and emerging market opportunities to deliver the future today.

We interviewed Mark Wray ahead of Offshore Logistics: Vessels and Foundations.
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