Offshore Logistics: Vessels & Foundations, 17th -18th June 2020

Kim Branner

Senior Scientist
DTU wind energy

Kim Branner, Ph.D., is senior research scientist at the Wind Energy Department at Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He is heading the Structural Design & Testing team, which primarily is doing research in the areas of experimental, numerical and analytical design in order to develop more reliable and exact methods and tools for structural design, manufacturing and testing of wind turbine blades and other large composite and metal structures.

He is also Lab manager for DTU Large Scale Facility, which is a unique research and demonstration test facility for studying strength and fatigue of large structures exposed to complex loading as well as development and demonstration of sensor, IoT and other digitalization technologies. The facility is in operation since January 2019 and is able to test structures up to 45 m of length with advanced loading and measuring equipment.